Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One day more...

I can't believe that there is just one day left in the month of April. This gratitude experiement has been amazing and one that I know I will continue for many, many days.

I've been thinking about what form this blog will take once April is over. I will continue with writing about gratitude but I'm also going to be writing about my eating experiements. This is going to be a huge source of gratitude for me because I am learning what my body can tolerate and exactly what it cannot. So huge for me.

I can't wait to keep going on this crazy, amazing journey of mine. Keep tuning in, it's going to be something else!

Tuesday, April 29th

1. Bursts of inspiration
2. A light schedule on a day when I needed it
3. Playing with my Dog, Sally
4. Knowing what foods to avoid
5. Great conversations

Monday, April 28th

1. My next step towards financial freedom
2. Being able to be there for a friend
3. The idea for the best birthday gift ever!
4. Planning ahead
5. Creativity

Sunday, April 27th

1. A good night's sleep
2. Feeling productive
3. Daily Detox Tea
4. This year's series of Detox Foot Pads
5. Finally filing my papers

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