Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day One

Day one, April 1st:

What am I grateful for today? Other than the usual long list that I keep running over in my head. Here are today's highlights!

1. Traffic.com

This site has saved my butt many a day by keeping me updated on my usual routes to and from work. I can even set them up to hit at different times of the day on the same day! Genius!

2. Chinese food buffets

Yet another reminder and hopefully one of the last that yes, wheat and gluten are not good for my body. I eat the food, my stomach hurts. Great routine but I'm getting tired of it. Then again, I need the reminder every so often.

3. The rain

April showers bring May flowers. I love flowers. I saw daffodils today. I love daffodils. I'm just waiting for the tulips.

4. My purple bed linens

They are so comfortable. Once I'm curled up in them, I don't really want to leave. To make it even better, they're organic. Not the widespread but not really organic, but the for real organic. I don't feel guilty sleeping but now I feel even less guilty for spending more time in bed!

5. Orchid food

While this may seem totally out of left field, my mom and I went to the New York Botanical Gardens on Saturday, March 29th to see the Orchid Show. The whole thing is incredible and I highly recommend going (by the way it closes on April 6th). While we were there we stopped in the Botanical Garden gift shop and found the one thing that I feel my orchid needs to thrive. Yes, I could have picked it up anywhere, but I didn't simply because it wasn't at the forefront of my mind. Seeing all these beautiful orchids for sale made me want to have my own orchid bloom again. I bought myself a slipper orchid which, to me, looks like a rastafarian orchid plant, anyway, I named him Bob Marley. His bloom lasts almost 3 months but then takes him time to bloom again. He's already responding to the food. I'm excited because maybe I'll have another bloom to stare at in my bathroom.

The key is simple things. Simple things keep me happy and it's much easier to be grateful for simple things than to go out and look for big things.

Till tomorrow.

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