Monday, April 21, 2008

Springtime keep me busy, keeps me outside and moving around, BUT not at a computer!

Sunday, April 20th

1. Little or no traffic going to and coming home from Long Island
2. Time spent with friends who have turned into family
3. A flourless chocolate torte
4. The knowledge that I'm not a reality tv star
5. Happy moments of inspiration

Saturday, April 19th

1. Fuji Apples
2. A body scrub in the shower
4. Beautiful Spring weather, okay, maybe Summer weather
5. Letting my feet breathe in sandals!

Friday, April 18th

1. An amazing sunrise
2. Time to sit and read
3. A conversation with a friend
4. Leaving work "early"
5. A yummy and well-timed gyro

Thursday, April 17th

1. Amazing clients
2. Energy for cardio (my own!)
3. Comfy clothes
4. Putting my feet up
5. Petting my dog, Sally

Wednesday, April 16th

1. A 7 am yoga class (yikes!)
2. Knowing that a spring cleanse is in my near future
3. An understanding friend
4. Still getting to bed early
5. Someone who can make me laugh

Tuesday, April 15th

1. Waking up early
2. Feeling super productive
3. My mom : )
4. My awesome clients
5. Getting to bed early

Monday, April 14th

1. PATIENCE, from myself and others
2. A helping hand exactly when it's needed
3. Dark chocolate
4. Not hitting any traffic at all
5. Finding an ice pack when I needed it

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