Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A few days of Gratitude...

Gratitude is a funny thing. It can happen in an instant but the effects last as long as you can remember them. I absolutely remember mine.

Saturday, April 5th

1. Creativity, either my own or others
2. Passion to make a difference in the world
3. Finding legal & free parking on the street in Times Square
4. Confidence to do things on my own, without flinching
5. Early bedtimes

Sunday, April 6th

1. Spending time with good friends
2. The hood on my sweatshirt
3. Volunteering for a half marathon
4. The smiles on the faces of women who finished their 1st half marathon
5. Yogatoes- they help stretch out the webbing on my feet

Monday, April 7th

1. Sleeping late (is 9 pm late?)
2. Someone who can make me laugh
3. Honest communication
4. Quiet time to work out, in my own time
5. Someone to just listen, without judgement

Tuesday, April 8th

1. Inspiration
2. Stress, yes, I mean it
3. A working computer internet connection
4. Freeze dried fuji apples & asian pears
5. My dog, Sally's wagging tail

Wednesday, April 9th

1. Two simple little words- thank you
2. A really good, long laugh
3. A nice, hot shower
4. Random questions
5. Time to put my feet up

For me, it's the little things that mean the most. I don't need the big, in your face acts that remind me just how grateful I am to be living this day. Gratitude is just gratitude.

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