Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One last word on Gratitude...

As much as I don't want this experiment in gratitude to end, it must because that's just the way things happen. It's been an amazing month and I am really grateful to have been able to share this journey with all of you.

Feel free to post your own reactions to our month of Gratitude. Has it changed anything in your life? Has it changed the way you look at things?

So without further ado, my last day.

Wednesday, April 30th

1. A surprising conversation with an old friend
2. Being where I am, right now
3. 30 whole minutes to myself to just breathe
4. Realizing that maybe peanuts and peanut butter just doesn't work for me
5. Waking up on time and even before my alarm

There you have it. The very last post for the month of April, albeit a few days after...

I'm a busy girl, you know...

As for here, I'm turning May into another experimental month. Perhaps it'll even survive past May.

May is henceforth known as "Experiments in Eating!"

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